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Best Cat Trees of 2020

  • January 18, 2020updated on
best cat tree of 2020

Having cats as pets is one of the most fun experiences out there. From watching them jump in horror at the sight of cucumber to watching them slapping your partner in their sleep, they’re full of giggles for you. However, at the same time, their agility can also come as a nuisance to some. This is where the need for the best cat trees comes into the picture.

Cats are amazing climbers with a constant urge to scratch things. So, add up everything we’ve discussed till now and you can well imagine the chaos your cat is capable of creating if you don’t allow it to let out its energy.

But what exactly are cat trees? No, they don’t have barks and leaves. Cat trees are man-made structures that come in different shapes and sizes. Your cat can climb on them, jump on them or laze around them. These wooden structures comprise boxes, platforms, ramps and towers that are often covered with a carpet-like material on the outside, as well as inside (the boxes).

The carpet-like material allows cats to scratch as much as they desire. Therefore, cat trees allow cats to release their pent up energy, as they see these trees as something fun and lucrative.

Much like cat treats, cat trees are also available in a plethora of shapes and sizes. So, how will you identify the best cat trees for your furry friends? Our experts have a bunch of information at hand to help you understand how to choose the right cat tree for your kitty!

Important Features to Consider While Finding the Best Cat Trees

1) Sturdiness: The first and foremost consideration while buying a cat tree should be the sturdiness of the product. We are well aware that cats will give these cat trees a very hard time. Therefore, a fragile cat tree will not be able to withstand the wear and tear it will be subjected to by your cat.

2) Height: One of the primary reasons for getting cat trees is the habit of cats to climb anywhere and everywhere. They like height. As cat owners, you must’ve seen your cat hanging around window ledges or top of cupboards. So, consider purchasing a cat tree with a fairly good height.

3) Base: The base of a cat tree is more important than anything else. The stability of a cat tree completely depends on its base. It is well understood that a cat will jump and climb around the cat tree. Therefore, having an unstable cat tree can result in injury to your cat or damage nearby household items.

4) Toys:
Some cat trees come with different toys, such as balls tied to strings, hanging from the hands of the cat tree. These help sharpen your cat’s instincts and keep their curiosity in check. They’ll always find something to go after, on the cat tree. Therefore, cat trees with toys are better than otherwise.

5) Levels and platforms: Before getting a cat tree home, ensure its levels sturdy enough to hold the weight of your cat. Also, keep in mind that they should be spacious enough for your cat to climb and relax.

6) Price: Where is the price not a consideration, really? Nowhere. Cat owners should look into the cost of these cat trees and not just splash their cash, out of love for their cats. At the same time, trying to save too much money by going for a cheap cat tree can lead to your cat getting injured. So, when it comes to the price of a cat tree, take some time and make an informed decision. Haste makes waste!

6 Best Cat Trees on the Market

Before going into the detailed product reviews, let’s quickly look at the 6 most trending cat trees on the market at the moment.

Go Pet-Club Cat Tree Best Overall Cat Tree Check price
Paws and Pals 3-1 Scratching Post Cat Tree Best Budget Cat Tree Check price
Cat Craft Three-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Check price
Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Scratch Post and Bed Best Cat Tree for Large Cats Check price
FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree Best Cat Tree for Multiple Cats Check price
Vesper Cat Furniture Cat Tree Best High-End Cat Tree Check price

Let’s cover the advantages, disadvantages and features of the aforementioned cat trees now!

Go Pet-Club Cat Tree: Best Overall Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Best Overall

    Beige, Blue, Leopard

    28 x 24 inches

    50 x 26 x 72 inches


Climbing, hiding and scratching are some of the basic needs of a cat. And, the Go Pet-Club Cat Tree can cater to all these needs of your cat. As you can see, we have rated it as the best cat tree overall.

The cat tree comes with an easy to understand instruction manual, along with the necessary assembly tools. The Go Pet-Club Cat Tree comprises 10 posts and 15 levels, along with 2 hanging toy mice for that added element of excitement for your cats.

The material used for building this cat tree is wood. This wood-based cat tree is covered with a comfortable and soft faux fur that gives your cat an extra feeling of luxury. This cat tree is available in three gorgeous colors for you to choose from.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can be a great choice for families with multiple cats
  • Comprises a plethora of entertainment features for your cats such as 10 posts, 15 levels and 2 hanging mice
  • Sturdy wooden build with a soft faux fur finish


  • Takes up a lot of space as it is pretty big in size

Paws and Pals 3-1 Scratching Post Cat Tree: Best Budget Cat Tree

Paws and Pals 3-1 Scratching Post Cat Tree Best Budget Cat Tree


    16 x 16 inches

    16 x 16 x 20 inches


The Paws and Pals 3-1 Scratching Post Cat Tree is not only the best budget cat tree but also the best cat tree for small apartments. This cat tree is compact and perfect for families that only house one feline. This simple cat tree costs less than $25, which is something a cat owner wouldn’t think twice before spending on their cat.

Cats are super-pampered pets and this scratch post cat tree only adds to the pampering. Your cat can jump around the tree, sleep on it or scratch to its heart’s content. The cat tree also comprises a ball attached to a string, dangling from the cat tree add an element of excitement for your furry friend. As there isn’t much to this cat tree, the assembling procedure is very simple.


  • Extremely budget-friendly; costs under $25
  • Best cat tree for small apartments as it doesn’t take too much space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Only available in one color
  • Doesn’t have too many levels or posts, therefore limited choices for your cat
  • The built of the cat tree isn’t as finessed and sturdy as some more expensive cat trees

Cat Craft Three-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree: Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Cat Craft Three-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Best Cat Tree

    Charcoal, Dark Chocolate, Grey

    7 x 10 inches

    17 x 10 x 90 inches


Some cats are more spoiled than one can imagine. Cat owners go to extremes, some even dedicating full rooms to their kitties. For such people, the perfect solution is getting a floor-to-ceiling cat tree, such as the Cat Craft Three-Tier Cat Tress.

The Cat Craft Three-Tier Cat Tree resembles a real tree and can be a good pick for pampered felines. The height of this cat tree is approximately 90 inches. It is available in three beautiful colors

As the name suggests, this cat tree comes with three levels and a height-adjustable scratch post. It is easy to assemble. As the design of this cat tree is sleek, unless it is perfectly fixed from the ceiling down, there’s a good chance of it being wobbly. So, ensure you fix it properly to avoid injuring your cat. Lastly, the cat tree comprises a woven carpet that makes it ultra-comfortable for cats that love napping.


  • Budget-friendly, costing a little over $50
  • Provides the cat with the feeling of climbing a real tree due to its
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in different colors
  • Comprises a soft, woven carpet that is ultra-comfortable


  • Can be wobbly if not affixed properly
  • Consumes a lot of space since it is a floor-to-ceiling cat tree

Molly and FriendsSimple Sleeper Scratch Post and Bed: Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

    Different Shades of Beige

    19 x 21 inches

    19 x 21 x 37 inches


Much like humans, some cats are bigger than others. For example, Persian cats are generally bulkier and need more space. Therefore, cat trees that suit most cats, may not suit them.

The Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Scratch Post and Bed cat tree is the perfect solution for cat owners with bigger cats. The resting platforms of this cat tree are bigger than most cat trees, allowing cats of any size to fit and provide them with enough space for their lazy time.

This cat tree is completely handmade, having sisal rope around the posts for a fun scratching experience for your cats. Due to the high-quality materials used in the cat tree’s design, it is priced higher than other available cat trees on the market. The base size of the Simple Sleeper cat tree is really wide, allowing better support for larger cats.


  • Sturdy and well built, allowing superior support for larger cats
  • Spacious platforms for larger cats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handmade using premium-quality materials


  • Costs higher than many other premium-quality cat trees on the market
  • Only available in a few shades of beige
  • Does not offer too many platforms or posts for your cat compared to other similar alternatives

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree: Best Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

best cat tree for multiple cats

    Smoky Grey, Light Grey

    35.4 x 31.5 inches

    35.4 x 31.5 x 67 inches


You can never have enough of cats. This is one of the reasons why once you get a cat home, you end up getting more and more. Having a cat tree that does not have enough platforms or condos to house all your cats can become a source of catfights, literally. Therefore, cat owners may want to get their hands on the FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree.

This is the best cat tree for multiple cats on the market that literally shouts the word luxury. The comfort, design and style of the FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree will set your cats aside, compared to other cats.

This cat tree offers three plush perches with raised edges for your cats to rest. Also, the cat tree houses two condos, providing your cats with a perfect disturbance-free napping experience. There are three hanging toys and a sisal-rope platform at the bottom of the cat tree, making it even more fun for your kitty! The posts are also covered with sisal rope for a better scratching experience.

FEANDREA boasts its cat tree’s sturdiness as it uses CARB-certified natural particle boards for the construction of this mighty cat tree. Even though the cost of the FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree is slightly higher and the product is somewhat more difficult to assemble, it’s worth all the troubles.


  • Sturdy and well built; allows multiple cats to use the cat tree at once
  • Comes with a variety of entertainment and fun options for cats, such as a sisal-rope platform, 2 condos and 3 perches, along with many toys and scratch posts
  • Although it is only available in 2 color variants, both look gorgeous and royal


  • The price of this cat tree is higher than others multi-cat compatible cat trees on the market
  • Due to many different attachments, the assembly is slightly harder than that of simpler cat trees
  • Consumes a lot of space making it suitable for houses that have ample space

Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture Cat Tree: Best High-End Cat Tree

best premium cat tree

    Black, Walnut

    22.1 x 22.1 inches

    22.1 x 22.1 x 48 inches


For some individuals, elegance comes over cost. Therefore, they act no differently when it comes to things related to their pets. You’d often come across people who have pets with expensive collars or high-end sleeping beds. Similarly, Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture is a high-end cat tree for cat owners who only want luxury for their felines.

The cat tree comprises 2 perches and a cube box condo for your cat. These come with memory foam cushions, allowing your cats to enjoy the same kind of comfort that you do.

The Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree has a clean plywood finish, along with sisal-rope scratch posts, giving this cat tree the perfectly elegant look that people prefer. It is built using the highest quality material available, contributing to its comfort and sturdiness. To round it off, the cat tree also has toys hanging from the platforms for the constant entertainment of your cats.


  • Sturdy and well built; can withstand wear and tear.
  • Comprises a variety of engaging activities for cats, such as a cube box condo and 2 perches with memory foam cushions
  • Although it is only available in 2 color variants, both have a classic and elegant look


  • Due to multiple attachments, the assembly is slightly challenging
  • Overpriced as compared to many other similar cat trees on the market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cat Trees

Do cats really need a cat tree?

The answer to this question may look subjective but it really isn’t. A cat’s natural instincts call for it to jump around, scratch and climb heights. So, unless you want your cat to do the needful on your couches, furniture or wardrobes, it is in a pet owner’s best interest to buy a cat tree.

Cat trees allow the perfect place and opportunity for your cat to unleash on. It can climb, jump and scratch until it gets tired, while not causing any damage to your furniture or other household items.

Are cat trees dangerous?

Another subjective answer! If the cat tree you purchase can be fixed to the ground or ceiling securely, the chances of it being dangerous is less. However, if your cat tree is not secured properly and feels shaky or wobbly, your cat may cause it to tumble, resulting in possible injuries to the cat and damage to nearby household items.

Also, wherever there is an element of height, secured or not, the risk of injury is always present. Therefore, we suggest getting a cat tree that has an easily accessible top platform.

Where should a cat tree be placed?

It’s a good idea to place a cat tree in areas where your cat feels protected and warm. Also, it would help if the cat tree is placed in an area that has a carpet on the floor. This allows for higher friction for the cat tree. In the unfortunate event of a cat falling, it won’t get injured due to the presence of the carpet.

How to attract a cat to the cat tree?

Usually, cat trees are constructed in a way that naturally attracts cats. In the odd event where a cat doesn’t use the cat tree and is too lazy, you can attract the cat using cat treats, toys or catnip.


Cat trees are one of the most essential elements/tools while taking up cats as pets. They tend to a cat’s multiple physical needs, keeping them bother entertained and exercised.

When it comes to the best cat tree of 2020, our experts strongly recommend purchasing the Go Pet-Club Cat Tree as it comprises everything your cats need to while away its time. From compelling features to price, everything about this cat tree looks good.

Nevertheless, your choice would completely depend on your and your cat’s requirements. So, if you do not have a cat tree already or you think that you do not have the right one, go get one right away!

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!


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